I want to capture your day for you in the most personal and unobtrusive way I can.

    I work with hand held cameras and minimal equipment, so that I can mingle with the guests and catch them and you at your ease. I want to catch your Auntie dancing like no ones watching and your friend laughing her head off because she didn’t know she was being filmed. No cranes or drones here. This isn’t a Hollywood film set. It’s one of the most important days of your life and I’m there to capture it all as it happens, like a sneaky wedding ninja.

    I also edit it all, because it’s me who knows that the little old lady in the purple dress is your 96 year old Gran that got a flight over from America just for your big day. It’s me who knows that the yellow cup you’re wrapping your fingers tightly around as you get your hair done is your Grandma’s, and she passed away last year, and you really wanted to feel her presence today.

    Another editor isn’t going to know why I filmed those things, or the significance of any of it. That’s why it’s me who does it all. For me, these little moments ARE the big important stuff on the day. I might not get a sweeping drone shot of your venue, but I will be there when your Grandad shuffles up to your room to ask you to pin his corsage on. So this is why it takes time to craft your film all together.

    There is no big team shooting and editing full time. It’s little old me remembering all the stories you told me on the day, and all the other ones I’ve seen through my camera and knitting them all together to make a lasting memory that will bring all of it flooding back every time you watch it.

    My full day packages start at £1650 and bespoke packages are available on request. Get in touch here to find out more