Hi, I'm Eileen.

    I love films. I’ve seen a lot in my time but they just keep making more I’m doing my best to keep up. In the past few years though I’ve seen a lot more Pixar than I care to mention and yes I still cry at Toy story 3 and Up. Every. Single. Time.

    I love Music. So much music. I love all different kinds and I know all the words to all of the songs ever. Just ask Caro Weiss who has been on many a long road trip with me.

    I cannot sing. Not one bit

    I have a sexy husband, two unbelievable good looking kids and a cat that likes no one and nothing. I have lots of brothers and sisters and nieces and nephews and we all live happily together in Bonnie Scotland. Mostly.

    I know how to make clothes. I don’t do it though as I’m too busy making films and watching films and wrangling two toddlers but when Halloween rolls around those toddlers I mentioned have some fab costumes I tell thee.

    I love things with a past, some history and soul. Old buildings, real film, vintage cameras, the feeling of worn leather, second hand dresses, books, real books not ibooks. You get the idea. Things that are tangible and comforting and pleasing.

    Do you like these things too? If you like the sound of any of this and would like to hang out with me on your wedding day then get in touch.